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Oil Separator (3210 Series)


Accumulator (SA Series)


Filter Drier (SDA Series)

Model Part Number
Filter Drier 3/8″ SDA-163
Filter Drier 1/2″ SDA-164
Filter Drier 5/8″ SDA-165
Filter Drier 3/8″ SDA-303
Filter Drier 1/2″ SDA-304
Filter Drier 5/8″ SDA-305
Filter Drier (SDA Series)

Adjustable Oil Level Regulator


Ball Valve (907 Series)


AboutHenry Technologies

Since 1914 Henry Technologies continue to lead in the design and manufacture of components for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

The founder, Guy Henry, started the Company in Chicago, Illinois making gas lanterns and accessory gauges for Model “T” Ford Automobiles.  By the end of the decade, a number of new products for the refrigeration market were being manufactured, including our first globe and angle valve, and filtration and dehydration devices for refrigeration systems.